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Modern Living – New Builds

At Oliveti Construction we have an ever-growing portfolio of projects, all built to the highest standard. Our new builds and restoration projects excel all standards.

Our clients are important to us, we want to make homes that align with customer’s needs, whether this be added living space, a stylish kitchen or a luxury bathroom.

As a privately-owned business, we have your interests at heart. Rather than focusing on shareholders we are busy creating individual developments and meeting the needs of our clients through intelligent layout, design and style.

Our team of professional builders and craftsmen complete every building project to the highest quality.

The secret to our success is the communication and organisational skills of its key members of staff. We work as a team, which means we are able to provide a high standard of service.

The houses we build are across Leicestershire and local counties.

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Major developments/Refurbishments

Major developments / Refurbishments

The major developments usually consist of projects that cost £1 million and over. These will include commercial and residential developments for clients such as local authorities, architects, central government and commercial developers.

 As a main contractor we are perfect for major developments because we fully understand architectural space. We are based in the local area of Leicestershire and have completed many big projects in this area. For example, the Haymarket Theatre refurbishment in which the Council invested over £2 million to bring the theatre back to life. You can read about this project in full here.

Oliveti Construction Haymarket Theatre refurbishment of Ticket Office

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Take a look at our previous projects.

Decent homes/Housing Association

Decent homes/Housing Association

Here at Oliveti our company is our family, which means we love creating a dream living space for families. No matter how complicated. When it comes to creating decent housing, we are experts, we understand what is required of us and can deal with the pressures of timings and budgets head on.

 We don’t just focus on new builds, we also take on any housing association from sheltered living to shared ownership and council homes. Don’t just take our word for it though, we have got many framework agreements in place with local Leicestershire councils and many other authorities. We believe that we are chosen for these jobs because we are reliable and always deliver on our promises. You can read about previous work with these frameworks on our case studies page.

Oliveti Construction creating decent housing

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Take a look at our previous projects.

Minor Developments/Refurbishments

Minor Developments/Refurbishments

Our clients for minor developments have often consisted of local authorities, architects, central government and commercial developers as these projects are often in the region of £30,000 to £1 million. Our clients aren’t just limited to these sectors though, we also complete high-end residential developments, which you can read more about on our Bespoke Build page.

This client (Ruby Cottage, Arnesby) asked Oliveti for total renovation of these run down cottages in Leicestershire. The 12 month project provided a blank canvas. The brief was to renovate and extend the former farm workers cottages into a stylish family home – but above all to retain the character and feel of the beautiful old cottages.


Here at Oliveti we can complete the entire project from the architectural design through to the fitting and installation. These developments can include adaptions to building for disabled users, such as wet-rooms etc. We have carried out many adaptions on schools and hospitals, making us very proud to be Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Compliant.

Ruby Cottage, Arnesby refurbishment
Ruby Cottage, Arnesby

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Planned and reactive maintenance

Looking After Your Property

Oliveti provides all of the professional trades when it comes to our maintenance services. We know how hard it can be to plan, and we want to take that worry away from you. The work is scheduled and supervised through to completion to ensure your property is looked after. Oliveti will carry out all of the repairs and maintenance on residential and commercial properties to meet your requirements.

There is a 24 hour call out service team on hand as part of maintenance contracts. Maintenance may be by contract or ad hoc. No job is too big or small, and from start to finish we will provide a hassle-free service.

Oliveti Group 24 hour call out service team

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The Perfect Washroom Solution

The washroom is an important aspect of any company or organisation’s building. Developing a well-designed space can create a good working environment and leave a lasting impression on clients.

We can facilitate a complete service from design through to installation and maintenance.

Don’t worry about us not getting your vision right, as our team of craftsmen are able to build a bespoke area which fits any requirements you may have.

We can source any materials in line with the building features to ensure the room is in keeping with the characteristics of the building. This includes:

  • Sunbed cubicles
  • WC Cubicles & Vanity Units
  • Benching
  • Basins
  • Lock, hinge etc. spares and fittings
  • Point of sale and shopfitting displays

For more information you can visit our Cubicles site.

Oliveti Cubicles Vanity Units

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Bespoke Joinery

Made With You In Mind

Here at Oliveti we supply purpose made and bespoke joinery. Our team of long serving craftsmen have gained a reputation for outstanding quality with every product made. All of our bespoke joinery is made to the highest specification.

From full installation and manufacturing purpose made joinery, we can supply all types of carpentry – get in touch to enquire, there’s no job too big or small, and we support all trades and industries that may require bespoke carpentry.

Thinking the impossible? We can make it possible. Don’t worry about thinking a project is too difficult, because we have most likely done something similar.

Our purpose made joinery includes:

  • Doors & Windows
  • Staircases & Furniture
  • Architectural Designs & Shop/Bar Fittings
Bespoke projects by Oliveti Group

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Bespoke Build

Bespoke Build

Oliveti work with architects and designers to create special purpose buildings. This is the new multi-purpose building at Salcey Forest Park in Northamptonshire, housing WC’s, storerooms, play areas and kiosks.

The building’s main feature was the solid Oak truss, designed and created in the Oliveti Cubicles joinery workshop.

Bespoke furniture

Our workshop can also supply you with bespoke indoor and outdoor furniture. All of the furniture and products created is hand-built in our own joinery workshops by our craftsmen. We actually have 3 generations of one family as part of our joinery team. Also, we aim to use all FSC sustainable materials wherever possible. Glass and metal can be incorporated in bespoke furniture upon request.

Oliveti Construction bespoke builds

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New Builds - High Quality Building Projects

Oliveti Construction have a growing portfolio of quality building projects, all built and finished to the highest standard.

Every project has been lovingly developed to meet specific client needs, such as adding living space, building a stylish and functional luxury kitchen, or a beautiful bathroom designed for modern living.

Every building project that Oliveti undertakes receives the same level of personal care and attention, backed up with high quality work from our team of professional builders and craftsmen.

The key to Oliveti Group’s success lies in the communication of it’s workforce and the organisational skills of it’s key members of staff. We are a very team motivated company and as such, are able to provide a high standard of service to all of our clients.

Modern Living

We build new homes across Leicestershire and the local counties that meet the needs of modern living.

As a privately owned business, we can focus purely on building quality homes for our customers, rather than building profits for our shareholders. This frees our craftsmen to work to the best of their ability, creating individual developments to meet the needs of our clients through intelligent layout, considered design and outstanding style.

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