Hinckley Academy

A modern place to learn for the students of Hinckley Academy

In 2018, our team was called in to turn Hinckley Academy into a modern, engaging place for school pupils to learn. The students weren’t the only ones working to a timetable though; our renovations had to be completed as swiftly as possible to keep disruption to the absolute minimum.

The Solution

One of our first points of action was to ensure that the Academy’s walls and floors were fully repaired having been damaged by flooding and general wear and tear. We quickly laid down new flooring and redecorated the walls for a modern look that the students and staff expected.

We also carried out a full strip-out of the entire building and that meant minor plumbing and installing new lighting, which our trained and vetted experts did around the school timetable.

It wasn’t just inside the school where our expertise was needed. Our creative eye for landscaping was also put to the test, carrying out external work to go alongside the modern renovation within the school walls and giving the perfect impression on open evenings or welcoming the new students on their first day.

Safety was always a high priority when carrying out our work, both inside and outside of the building. We put in place security fencing around the landscaping with clear signage to make people aware that construction was taking place.

That focus on safety was also shown in some of the physical work we carried out. To make the school a place which is accessible to everyone, our team created bespoke disabled access facilities so that people living with physical disabilities could still safely access their classroom, and we also designed and manufactured new fire doors for emergencies.

Oliveti Construction modernises Hinckley Academy
Oliveti Construction modernises Hinckley Academy

With all our work overseen by Operations Director Gareth Smith and Projects Director Simon, we arranged with the school how we would work within the live school environment and that also included having a Site Appointed Person to oversee all aspects of the development, feeding back to the Academy on our progress as much as possible. This also meant that our project was completed on time and to the school’s exact requirements.

Now, with its new look and complete restoration, the students at Hinckley Academy are enjoying their new school and the staff have an updated environment to carry out their lessons.

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