De Montfort Hall Re-works

De Montfort Hall Re-works

The De Montfort Hall is Leicester’s largest and best-known entertainment venue. It has been featuring quality entertainment since 1913 from music to the arts and comedy. This is a venue that is used most days by the public, and not just by locals. To make the venue even more popular it was having the bars replaced, a powered rig system and an external 3-phase electrical supply installation by request of Leicester City Council.

The Solution

As with all works of nature and complexity, our Contracts Manager and the Projects Director were there to oversee that the renovation was running safely and kept was kept within the time frame.

There were six existing bars that were removed along with all fixtures and fittings. Our workshop joiners manufactured the replacement bars and designed new layouts for the bars to fit in more efficiently. This renovation also included the replacement of flooring, fixtures, fitting and decoration.

Oliveti Construction renovates De Montfort Hall
Oliveti Construction renovations of De Montfort Hall bars

The Result

The Contracts Manager oversaw the subcontracting work, which included the installation of a powered rig and an external 3-phase electrical supply. During the tender stage of the project, our team found that the time-scale in which to complete the work was not achievable. This was due to the complexity of the work, the lead-in and the installation time of the powered rig equipment.

However, thanks to us ordering the powered rig system on the day of notification of our successful tender, it meant we could ensure the rig was installed, commissioned and tested in advance, allowing all other work to be completed on time.

The original tender was also over the client’s budget, so to save time and cost we utilised our own workshop to design and manufacture the bars as we negated the lead-in time and extra costs for external manufacturers.

We started the renovation in June 2018 and finished in the September. De Montfort Hall is continuing to improve year on year and Oliveti is proud to say we have made an improvement which will stand the test of time for all to enjoy.

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