Oliveti Construction are working at the former County Arms, Glen Parva, Leicester building under main contractor Mc Carthy and Stone. The building is being renovated and extended to provide a variety of assisted living properties. Since the pubs closure over 10 years ago, it has attracted a great deal of negative attention ranging from injuries to curious teenagers, to illegal motorbike racing on the car park and various fires.

Oliveti were delighted to be instructed to re fashion the former County Arms pub into the plush assisted living accommodation. There are significant alterations underway to the main part of the 1930ís building. There was great local interest and support to retain the original part of the building, which was deemed to have significant historical interest. A number of the features have been captured on film, together with a few general photos of work in progress! Many local past customers may even recognise the art deco window and the slightly less attractive ornate fishing net feature!


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